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Our guide to the installation process and looking after your new window tints for the long term:

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Drying-Out Time

The mounting solution used during the installation will require time to dry out. The exact period of time will vary depending on many different factors such as climate, type of film used. The industry guideline for the drying process to complete is 4 weeks from the date of installation.

Water Bubbles

It is perfectly normal for water bubbles to appear in the first few days after installation. This is all part of the drying process, do not be tempted to push at the bubbles as this can cause the film to distort. Simply leave them to evaporate naturally and the film will then sit against the glass perfectly.

Using The Windows

We ask our customers to refrain from opening any freshly tinted windows for one week after installation to allow time for the adhesive to bond and prevent the film from peeling.

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Care & Maintenance

To protect and maintain your window film we recommend using a clean microfibre cloth. Use this either dry as a duster, or with a spray and wipe method. Do not use any ammonia based cleaning products.

Dot Matrix

Some windows have a dotted ceramic “frit” edge, often referred to as Dot Matrix. These raised black dots prevent the window film from bonding in the gaps between them. This will result in the appearance of a 'trim’ surrounding the glass. How pronounced the trim is will be dictated by the width of the ceramic dots, and is unavoidable.


In the unlikely event of an adhesive failure of window film application, such as cracking, glazing, de-lamination, peeling, unusual colour change or any other failure due to a manufacturer’s defect, we will provide a replacement. Pro-Tint is not liable for any loss, damage, or expense caused or partially caused through improper film care, abuse or glass breakage.

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