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Ceramic Window Films

Upgrade to Ceramic Window Films

You may have heard of nano-coating for a car's exterior. Some high-end car owners use it. It is also used in some smartphone glass that helps make the screen more shatter-resistant.

So what does this have to do with car window tint? Thanks to nano-ceramic technology, ceramic window tint can protect both you and your car better than any other window film type.

Ceramic is highly heat resistant. Nanoceramic window film technology was patented in 1998 and is based on technology used in the space program because of its heat-resistant properties.

Ceramic window tint is coated with tiny ceramic particles. It uses the chemical compound titanium nitride to block 99% of the sun's ultra-violet light and much of the infrared light while still providing clear visibility for drivers. The result is a considerably cooler car with virtually no interior fading or cracks on dashboards, seats, or steering wheels.

Another benefit of ceramic window film that is becoming increasingly important is the protection from dangerous UV rays it provides to car passengers.

On average, car windshields block about 96% of UV-A rays. However, side door windows are not nearly as effective. The percentage of UV-A rays blocked by a side window varies from 44% to 96%. The Skin Cancer Foundation now recommends getting your vehicle windows tinted to help protect against UV rays.

Full technical specifications on our Ceramic window films please see:

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